Terms from the SSG contract covering support

Our contractual commitment




2.1. Melrose Labs agrees to provide the following services to the Customer in respect of the Services:-

2.1.1. reasonable assistance and the resolution of queries via a telephone call, chat or email originated by the Customer;

2.1.2. recommendations relevant to the course of action necessary to recover from a fault, error or failure emanating from the Services or their respective use.

2.2. The Customer shall supply Melrose Labs with a detailed description of the fault requiring support services as outlined above.

2.3. Melrose Labs will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that support is carried out as quickly as possibly between the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday inclusive (UK local time) or, agreed as in accordance with the Service Level Agreement set out in Part 4 of the Schedule.

2.4. Support does not include service arising out of:- 

2.4.1. Failure by the Customer to implement recommendations previously advised by Melrose Labs;

2.4.2. Use by any employee or representative of the Customer who is not reasonably competent in the use of any element of the Services;

2.4.3. Use of the Service for a purpose for which it was not designed;

2.4.4. Operator error or omission or failure to following normal operating procedures.

2.5. Melrose Labs shall not be liable to the Customer for any failure or delay in providing support arising from any inability or delay in obtaining any services from third party service providers.

2.6. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to configure and monitor their SSG instance.  Melrose Labs does not operate the Customer’s SSG instance unless this has been otherwise agreed between the parties.



Melrose Labs will act on valid support requests submitted by the Customer during normal UK office hours (0900-1700 Monday-Friday UK local time) within sixty (60) minutes of receiving such requests.

Voice: +44 (0)131 510 7827 option 2 (Support) 

Email: [email protected]

Chat: as advised in Documentation

Support requests submitted by the Customer outside of normal UK office hours will be acted on as though they had been received at 0900 UK local time on the next working day.