Blocking messages based on destination and content

Firewall configuration is defined in the Configuration > Firewall section. Sub-sections cover (i) blocking mobile numbers, prefixes and networks, (ii) source addresses, and (iii) message content.

Firewall configuration section

Firewall configuration section

Where a message submitted by a customer is to be blocked based on firewall configuration, the SSG platform will reject the SMPP submit_sm and return an SMPP submit_sm_resp with error code 0x45 (69 decimal). No message ID is returned to the customer when a message is rejected by blocking.

Blocking based on mobile number, prefix or network

The Configuration > Firewall > MSISDNs section is used to block messages based on the destination mobile number.

"Add MSISDN", "Add prefix" or "Add network" can be used to apply blocking based on a destination mobile number.

Blocking based on source address (sender ID)

The Configuration > Firewall > Source address section is used to block messages based on the source address (sender ID).

Blocking based on message content

The Configuration > Firewall > Message content section is used to block messages based on message content.

Lists of content can be defined in this section.

To block content from one or more lists, a list must be associated with a customer's SMPP account. To do so add the list to the customer SMPP account's "Blocking" parameter.

Blocking of message content can be selectively applied using Rules (e.g. apply blocking content list for traffic to one country but not other).