Introduction to the SMPP SMS Gateway (SSG)

The SMPP SMS Gateway (SSG) cloud platform enables the operation of a highly reliable, highly capable and technically sophisticated SMS gateway. Organisations using the SSG can manage customers, perform billing, manage supplier SMSC/SMS gateway connections, perform routing, and get detailed reporting and analysis on SMS traffic.

The SSG platform is comprised of the Administration Portal and back-end messaging infrastructure located globally. The map below shows the locations of SSG messaging infrastructure.

Each trial and commercial SSG instance spans all sites of the platform. These sites include the UK, USA, Germany, Singapore, Australia and Brazil.

Each site has Access nodes and SMSCGW (SMSC Gateway) nodes. Access nodes enable customer SMPP connections, and your customers can connect to any Access node around the world to send and receive messages. SMSC Gateway nodes connect to your supplier SMSCs and SMS gateways.

The SSG provides SMPP, txtConsole REST API and txtConsole Portal access to enable your customers to send and receive SMS. The unbranded and customisable txtConsole Portal can be used by your cusotmers for sending messages, campaigns and alerts.


New SSG Customers

Read getting started to learn how to set-up your SSG instance.