Connect to HTTP/REST SMS gateway providers using the SSG

The SSG includes an SMPP-HTTP Bridge capability that enables you to send SMS to upstream SMS providers that do not support SMPP but instead support HTTP.

Bridge locations

Bridges are located on the UK and Singapore SSG sites. Each bridge is capable of handling up to 1500 TPS.

EU-UK# 2
EU-UK# 3
AP-SG (Singapore)# 1

IP addresses for each instance are provided when bridge is configured by Melrose Labs Support.


A number of different providers and APIs are supported through adapters implemented in the SMPP-HTTP Bridge. Below is a description of one of the generic adapters that can be configured to support different providers.

Adapter: jsonPOST

The jsonPost adapter will take SMS messages contained in SMPP submit_sm PDUs and submit them to a HTTP endpoint. The short_message field containing the message is converted to UTF8 based on the data_coding field in the submit_sm PDU and the dcsMCSpecificMeaning configuration value.


smppsystemidSMPP system ID use in supplier SMSC configuration within SSG to connect to configured bridge
smpppasswordSMPP password associated with system ID
dcsMCSpecificMeaningCharacter set when data coding scheme (DCS) of message is 0 ("MC default alphabet"). 1: IA5/ASCII, 3: Latin1/ISO 8859-1 (3), 8: UCS28
urlSendSMSAPI endpoint URL
sourceAddressKey that should be used for source address in JSON request to APIsenderId
destinationAddrKey that should be used for destination mobile number in JSON request to APImobileNo
messageKey that should be used for text message in JSON request to APIcontent
messageIDKey in JSON response that is used for message ID on successful submission of message to APImsgId
sarRefKey in JSON request that should be used for concatenated SMS reference.99
(message reference 99)
sarTotalKey in JSON request that should be used for concatenated SMS total parts.3
(3 parts in total)
sarPartKey in JSON request that should be used for concatenated SMS part number.3
(part 3)
sarMetaAlwaysControls whether concatenated SMS meta data (sarRef, sarTotal, sarPart) area always incldued, even when not concatenated SMS.false
(Exclude concatenated SMS meta when single part message)
forceDeliveredOnSubmissionGeneration of DLR indicating message delivered. Used when API does not provide delivery status.true
(Generate "delivered" DLR)
urlCallbackKey in JSON request that should be used for the callback URL where DLRs are sent by providercallback
dlrQueueNameInternal - Queue to where received DLRs are routed (normally system ID of bridge account)
httpInCallbackPathInternal - Path in callback URL for receiving DLRs specific to a bridge configurationabacus-uylPLNQR
(http://a.b.c.d:15680/abacus-uylPLNQR callback URL)

Contact [email protected] to set-up an SMPP-HTTP Bridge in your SSG instance.