Use SMPP from any provider to send SMS using your email client (Outlook, etc)

You can send an email to an address that identifies your SMPP account, the email contains the SMS text message in the subject, and you include the mobile numbers of the recipients in a simple attached CSV file. This beta service is running under One SMS API.

Send an SMS using your email and an SMPP account

Step 1

Enter the "to" email address in the following format:


Step 2

Type the SMS message text in the "subject" field of the email.

Step 3

Attach a CSV file containing the mobile numbers to where the message should be sent.

For example:


Step 4

Send the email

On receiving the email, the service will make a connection to your providing using the SMPP credentials used in the email's "to" field. Once connected, the message in the "subject" field will be sent to each of the mobile numbers in the CSV file.

"To" email address

The "to" email address contains the SMPP account credentials, including the password. An alternative to using the password and other SMPP details in the "to" field is to use a "key" to represent these details.

You will shortly be able to register a key on the One SMS API site that can be used to represent your SMPP details.


At the present time this is a beta service. You may use for production purposes but we accept no liability whatsoever for its use.

We suggest that no more than 500 mobile numbers be included in a send at the same time.

Your SMPP account must not be restricted to a low TPS as the EmailSMPP service will send at a high TPS rate.