Configure your SSG instance with your business details


The Configuration > Company section shows you the configuration that relates to your organisation.

SSG Instance Customer

Organisation details are set based on the legal entitry that has contracted with Melrose Labs.

Your organisations logo can be used in emails and documents (invoicing, pricing). Click the Change button to enter a URL to your logo.

The Base currency is used throughout the SSG Admin Portal for reporting monetary amounts. If your business operates in a specific currency, then the base currency should be set to this currency.

The SSG Service Name is the name of the overall service that you provide to your customers. This may be the name of your company or a product/service name associated with your messaging service. Click the Change button to change the name of the service. This name is used in communications with your customers when a high-level service name is required.

Email roles

This defines the name, email address and signature to be used for emails from the sales, support and invoice/billing roles. Click the Edit button to change these details.

Email addresses used for sending emails from the SSG platform must be verified prior to use. the following indicator will show next to each email address:

  • Verified - email address has been verified and can be used in emails from the SSG platform;
  • Pending - email address is being verified (verification email has been sent with link that can be used to verify email address; support is still processing verification request);
  • Unverified - email address has not been verified and there is no pending verification taking place.


Invoicing Details

Details for inclusion in invoices to customers are contained here. These include:

  • company postal address
  • company email address used for sending invoices
  • bank account details for wire transfer for customers
  • note text shown at foot of invoices
  • first invoice number

These details can only be changed by contacting Support Details.

Email templates

Edit the email templates used for sending emails to customers.

Templates include:

  • New account details
  • Invoice payment reminder
  • Invoice payment reminder

Further templates will be added.

User access


Add/edit/remove users that have access to the SSG Admin Portal.

User preferences:

  • set default timezone for reports
  • restrict access to specific sections of portal (Dashboard, Reports, Status)
  • set auto logout idle duration

Credentials are issued by support only. Please contact support to have these issued.

Management API Key

Add/edit/remove API keys that can be used with the SSG management API.