Getting started

This page will help you get started with the Melrose Labs SMPP SMS Gateway (SSG) documentation and platform

The SMPP SMS Gateway (SSG) cloud platform is a globally-distributed platform that enables the operation of an SMS gateway that is highly reliable, highly capable and technically sophisticated. The SSG provides SMPP, REST and portal access to enable your customers to send and receive SMS.

Each trial and commercial SSG instance spans all sites of the platform. These sites include the UK, USA, Germany, Singapore, Australia and Brazil. Your customers can connect to any of these SSG sites to use your SMS gateway, and connections to your suppliers can be made from any of these sites.

Use the SSG Administration Portal to configure and monitor your global SSG instance, and to view reports.

To set-up your SSG instance for sending/receiving SMS:

Each customer SMPP account is associated with a service. Each service is made up of a pricing plan and a routing profile. The pricing plan defines what you charge your customers. The routing profile describes how messages will be routed from customers to suppliers.

Use Quick Start to learn how to start sending SMS now to the preconfigured SMSC Simulator.


Ask for help

If you need any help setting-up your SSG instance, see Support Details.

Wizards are available for:

  • creating customers and SMPP accounts - see Customers
  • creating suppliers, SMSC connections and SMSC groups - see Suppliers
  • import and exporting customer pricing - see Pricing : Pricing > Plan prices section
  • importing and exporting supplier routes (coverage and costs) - see Routes : Suppliers > Routes section


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