Quick start

Get started using your preconfigured trial instance

Quick set-up using placeholders in new SSG instance

New SSG instances come pre-configured with essential components, allowing you to send messages quickly. The SMSC Simulator service is set up for testing, but it won't deliver messages to mobiles.


  1. Click Quick Create Customer+SMPP in the Customers section and complete the wizard.
  2. In Customers > SMPP accounts, click SMPP Client for the new account and then click Connect.
  3. Enter a mobile number, click Submit, and wait for a simulated delivery receipt in the SMPP Client log window.
  4. In the Dashboard, click Message lookup, enter the mobile number, and click Search to view the submitted message.
  5. Click the black arrow ▶ to see message details.
  6. To send messages through suppliers, update placeholder SMSC configurations with your supplier's SMPP credentials.

See customer endpoints for a full list of the SMPP endpoints to where your customers can connect to your SSG instance.

Refer to the video for a demonstration of these steps.

Video showing how to connect to a supplier's SMS gateway or SMSC, create a customer SMPP account, and send a message. Unedited and in realtime from logged-in to message sent in under 3.5 minutes.