Delivery receipts

Delivery receipts (DLRs) sent to your customers by the SSG


Delivery receipts and intermediate notifications have the following format and are contained in the short_message field of the deliver_sm:

id:IIIIIIIIII sub:SSS dlvrd:DDD submit date:YYMMDDhhmm done date:YYMMDDhhmm stat:DDDDDDD err:EEE text:
  • id: message ID returned in submit_sm_resp (up to 64 characters in length)
  • sub: number of messages originally submitted (set to 001)
  • dlvrd: number of messages delivered (000 or 001)
  • submit date: When message was submitted by ESME
  • done date: When message reached final state
  • stat: State of message (see Name field below)
  • err: Error encountered during delivery (if any)


Additionally, the following TLVs are present in the delivery receipt:

receipted_message_idMC message ID of message being receipted. Should be present for MC Delivery Receipts and Intermediate Notifications.
message_stateDelivery state as shown in below table.
network_error_codeError code specific to a wireless network (see error codes below).

Message states

0ScheduledSCHEDLDThe message is scheduled. Delivery has not yet been initiated. (Intermediate)
1EnrouteENROUTEThe message is in enroute state. (Intermediate)
2DeliveredDELIVRDMessage is delivered to destination. (Final)
3ExpiredEXPIREDMessage validity period has expired. (Final)
4DeletedDELETEDMessage has been deleted. (Final)
5UndeliverableUNDELIVMessage is undeliverable. (Final)
6AcceptedACCEPTDMessage is in accepted state. (Final)
7UnknownUNKNOWNMessage is in invalid state.
8RejectedREJECTDMessage is in a rejected state. (Final)
9SkippedSKIPPEDThe message was accepted but not transmitted or broadcast on the network. (Final)

Error codes

Values returned as error codes are those values returned in DLRs from supplier SMSCs. Contact your suppliers for the meaning of error codes returned in their DLRs.