Example rules

Control message processing

Use content blocking list for specific countries

One or more content blocking lists are associated with an SMPP account. This will cause all traffic submitted through this account to be checked for blocked content. However, you only want this check to take place for messages to Germany and the USA.

The following criteria and action will cause the check of message content against content blocking lists not to be performed for messages going to countries other than Germany and the USA (i.e. only check message content for these two countries).

Reject messages

These examples of rejecting messages are for "Customer submit" rules, and they should be associated with the SMPP account(s) to which they should be applied.

Reject message if data coding set (DCS) is not zero

Reject a message where its DCS value is not set to the default setting of zero.

Reject message based on destination country

Reject a message if the destination mobile number is not a number for Spain.

Reject message based on content

Reject a message if it contains the word "Disney" in the short message text.

Note: See the Configuration > Firewall > Message content section as an alternative to block message content.

Change source address

Change message source address TON when set to default

Set message source address TON to be 1 (International) when message has TON of 0.

Change message source address to a mobile number

Set message source address to be a specific mobile number (447700000111) for all messages.

When using this as a global rule, it will match all messages submitted to your SSG due to no criteria being specified.

Additionally, you may want to set the souce_addr_ton and source_addr_npi values in the action.

Change message content

Extract code from message and reformat

If "OTP" is present in the short message text, extract the numeric code from the message and rewrite to include in the text "PIN code: $2 Please keep this safe.".


Route to specific SMSC based on message source address

Route a message to a specific SMSC when the source address is "AcmeSpares".